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Welcome to our NEW contribution upload section. Instead of sending your contributions through the regular email, you can now upload your contributions directly to the website. With this new feature, it frees us up to update the sites everyday, Monday through Friday, in the morning EST. If you don't like this new feature please feel free to send us your contributions via email (just look further down the page). As a note, whatever information you give, will NOT be given out or sold. We pride ourselves on keeping people's information PRIVATE. All you really need to fill out are the fields labeled in RED. Thank you and we hope to see tons of NEW contributions using this method. We are very excited about getting this. Thank you.

-Steve & the EW Crew

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Legal advice for non-explicit pictures

Please be sure that the material you send us is yours, and not someone else's. Please be sure the material is not copyrighted and/or stolen from another web site. You must be fully aware that by sending us your material through the e-mail, you are in effect releasing us from any legal ramifications that may arise from the public display of the images in question. We do not accept any material which shows persons under 18 years old or images of persons who look like being younger than 18 years old. We have the right to not accept, drop, remove or disqualify your contribution without any further explanation. We also do not accept any kind of material which is bizarre, obscene or might be considered as illegal - also no animal sex and other crap please! We don't need that shit, ok?

Legal advice for explicit pictures and videos

Exhibitionist World does not publish explicit pictures. Explicit pictures/videos will be published at Hardcore-Exhibitionist.com / Home Videos (Exhibitionist-Paradise.com). Besides all the requirements stated for explicit pictures, additionally you need to have following records on file available for inspection for every explicit picture/video you submit: The legal name and date of birth of each performer, obtained by the photographer's examination of a picture identification card. Your records shall also include a legible copy of the identification document examined and, if that document does not contain a recent and recognizable picture of the performer, a legible copy of a picture identification card. If you do not have those records for the explicit pictures/video you want to submit, you will violate federal US law. To be more practical: As long as you submit explicit pics/clips of yourself and your wife, you should have no problem to ID yourself and to proof your age. When you photograph/tape any other person than your wife or your husband, you will have to to copy the person's driver licence or passport, write down the name, DoB and address of the model and keep those files for 10 years. Additionally the law of your country of residence might require further things. It is your responsibility to make sure that you do not violate the laws of your country of residence/citizenship.


How do I convert to .JPG?

If you do not have a jpg converter, you need to get one for your platform.  Go to one of the many search engines and type in "jpg converter and the name of your platform. eg Macintosh, and you will find the freeware...

What resolution should I use?

Please use a maximum of 600 pixel for the larger side of your picture (height or width) at 70 dpi.  please use the medium JPG compression.

Should I zip my images?

Sure, you could, if you choose.  But this will not speed up your transmission, because jpg is already compressed and running another compression on top of it, will give no positive effect.

What about MIME, binhex or UU?  My e-mail client asks for that?

Choose MIME or UU encoding.  Do not use binhex.

How many pictures should I send?

Send as many as you want.

What about my copyrights?

When you send your photos to our site, you allow us to show them on Exhibitionist World.  The copyright will remain yours.  We do not allow other web sites to copy your photos from ours.  If they still do, we try to inform them however, they can claim that the pics were sent to them anonymously.


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